Nikhil Singhi

“CEO & Founder- NSFS Pvt Ltd, NSFS GLOBAL TRAINING COMPANY. #1 National Financial Business Planner. Financial Psychologist. Multi-Awardee Winner. Entrepreneur. Trainer. Speaker”.

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Nikhil Singhi is the founder and the CEO of NSFS Pvt Ltd. A financial psychologist, a mutli-award winner, a business financial coach and author of upcoming book on “Wealth Secrets”, Nikhil has passionately been servicing in the financial industry for more than a decade now. He’s a distinguished member of the Million Dollar Round Table-MDRT, which is a premier forum of all the leading financial professionals in the world, as a COT (Court Of Table), a qualified F.S.S (Financial Service Specialist) and a LUTCF (Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow) from the American College and IAIFM. He’s the founder chapter Director of BNI Global, and had served the Madras Kirana Merchants Association (an association established before India attained independence) as the Vice President and as a General Secretary during MKMA’s 75th year, had also served the Rotary as its President during 2014-2015.


A person having his roots from Rajasthan and based in Chennai, with experience in the family business of dry fruits and spices, a former life insurance agent and now a financial planner and coach, his leadership journey has been phenomenal having helped more than 500 plus business families globally in enhancing their net worth as well as their businesses. By implementing Nikhil’s advices, his clients have become more successful, more at peace and have also discovered renewed enthusiasm for their profession and life as such. Since Nikhil focuses on engaging family members of his clients as well while devising strategies, his clients lovingly call him their “Financial Doctor”.


With a belief that in order to become financially sound, you must ensure that your money is working back for you, Nikhil has been relentlessly working towards spreading the financial word to as many people as possible by focussing on minimising the persisting financial illiteracy along with strengthening the financial health of his clients. He also believes in applying the powerful and holistic combination of ‘Samyat Gyan (complete knowledge) Samyat Darshan (Complete Wisdom) Samyat Charitra (Correct conduct in implementation) while dealing with money and aspects related to it. To his clients he always advises to take small simple steps and work towards building the right financial habits in order to sustain the flow of money without attracting much stress and without investing much time as well.


Nikhil’s latest motto is to educate and spread awareness to as many people as possible on various aspects of the financial world like debt traps, sustainable ways to make money, building one’s net-worth etc. In order to achieve this, he has started conducting webinar sessions, blogs and also holding regular shows for personal interaction with people.

Educational & Professional Qualification and training programs

1. Commerce University Of Madras 2002
2. Insurance License Professional Examinations IRDA 2003
3. CPEC Professional Ethics and Complaints International Academy of Insurance and Financial Management 2005
4. LUTCF Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow The American College & IAIFM 2007
5. NCFM Financial Market National Stock Exchange 2008
6. FSS Financial Service Specialist The American College & IAIFM 2009
7. NISM - Series –V- A Mutual Fund Distributer Certificate Exam National Institute Securities Markets 2012
8. Chartered Financial Goal Planner American Academy of Financial Management, India 2015
9. Business Coach Emyth, Portland 2015
10. Quantum Leap Guerilla Business Intense Alex Mandossian 2017
11. Quantum Leap Train the Trainer Blair Singer 2018
12. Executive Education Program Business Excellence and Scalability IIM-Bangalore 2018
13. Quantum Leap Enlightening Warrior Robert 2018
14. Quantum Leap Mission To Million Robert 2018
15. T. Harv Eker Program Making The Stage 2018
16. Siddharth Rajasekar Takeoff Program Success Gyan 2017
17. Rajiv Talreja PACE Program Success Gyan 2017

Work Experience

S.No Organization/ Institute Post Held Period (From-To) Nature Of work
1. Singhi & Singhi Proprietor 2002-2004
  • Started or Retailed Dry fruits and species shop in Parrys Market on behalf of the Singhi family.
  • Identifying the product and developing the packaging products.
  • Acquiring the new clients, Maintaining accounts
2. Nikhil Singhi Financial Services Investment Planner 2004
  • Life Insurance
  • Mutual Fund
  • Direct Equity
  • International & Local Real Estate
3. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd CEO Circle Member 2005,2006 & 2007 Helping company
  • To develop new ideas on service standard
  • Product development
  • Effective communication
  • Between company clients and advisor.
4. NSFS Pvt Ltd Founder in CEO 2007 Onwards
  • Net-worth Planning
  • Financial Business Coaching
  • Debt Management
  • Business & Personal Risk Planning
  • Insurance Advisory
  • Investment Consultation
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

Present Position :

  • Financial Business Coach and Net-Worth Planner & Investment Consultant
  • Founder & Managing Director, NSFS Pvt Ltd


  • Founder, NSFS Pvt Ltd-a Financial Services company
  • CEO Circle ICICI (2005, 2006, 2007)
  • Expert Committee Capital Market in HCC (Hindustan Chambers of Commerce), 2013
  • Founder Director BNI Global, 2014
  • President, Rotary Club of Chennai Galaxy- (2014-2015)
  • MKMA (The Madras Kirana Merchants Association, pre-independence association of dry fruits, spices and pulses businesses), Chennai for 10 years (2006-2016)
  • General Secretary, MKMA (on their 74th and 75th year)
  • Board member of Koyambedu Food Grains Traders Association, 2016
  • MDRT, USA for the year 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008
  • MDRT, COT (Court of Table) 2016, 2017, 2018
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company
  • Platinum Club Member (ICICI Prudential Life)
  • CEO Circle Member (ICICI Prudential life)
  • International Club Member (Top 225 in ICICI Prudential Life)
  • Star Club Member of ICICI Prudential 2005, 2008, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Award of Excellence by ICICI Prudential, May 2018
  • Rotary Club Honor for Highest Membership Growth -2006 -2007
  • Star of Galaxy Award, 2016 for the valuable contribution towards project ‘Water for Life’, which covered around 50,000 children.
  • Star of Galaxy Award, 2017 for micro-financing project covering around 1000 women.
  • Inspiring Rotarian District 3232, 2017-2018
  • Superstar Award for maximum members sponsored- BNI Global Chapter, 2015
  • Top Performer in BNI Global Chapter, April 2016
Madras Kirana Merchants Association
  • Special recognition for valuable contribution in Kirana Trade Export, Chennai, 2015
  • NJ PBC – Highest Net SIP Sales – 2011-2012
  • NJ Chennai – Highest Net Sales Champion 2016, 2017
  • Qualifier for PBC Goa 2016, 2017 by NJ Funds.
  • NJ Chennai – Highest Net Sales Champion 2016, 2017.
  • Qualifier for PBC 2011-2012, 2016, 2017, 2018.
  • ICICI Prudential -Insuring Maximum Lives - April -June 2004
  • ICICI Prudential -Outstanding contribution to Sales of H N I s- April -June 2004
  • ICICI Prudential -Sales of Pension Plans- April -June 2004
  • ICICI Prudential-Qualification for the Head of Sales Forum- Oct -Nov 2004
  • ICICI Prudential - Qualifying and Participating for the CEO Circle-Feb 2005
  • ICICI Prudential - ZSM Forum in the Advisor Category – 2005
  • ICICI Prudential-Qualification for the Head of Sales Forum - Aug-Sep 2005
  • ICICI Prudential -Achieving No 1 Position in Premium Income -21st Jun 05-20th September ‘05
  • ICICI Prudential -Star Club Cairo –Egypt - April - Sep 2005
  • ICICI Prudential - Qualified for the HOS Forum – 2007
  • ICIC Prudential - Outstanding Advisor -Chennai Star Club – 2008
  • ICICI Prudential – Elite Forum – 2008.
  • ICICI Prudential –Topper Financial year 2008 -2009
  • Birla Sun Life mutual fund- Most valued Partner - 2009
  • Speaker in TEDx Mylapore, April 2015
  • Money Mastery Program 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 in 2016
  • Business Excellence Program 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 in 2016
  • Money & Business Excellence 4.0 for JITO Chennai Chapter, 2017
  • Wealth Secrets 1.0 & 2.0, 2018
  • SAMVAAD 4.0 for JITO Youth Wing, Chennai Chapter, 2018
  • Featured in international media: abc7, FOX34, NBC12, NEWS CHANNEL 10.
  • “TRP recognizes Nikhil Singhi as a top professional in bringing Financial Opportunities without boundaries to Small & Medium Business owners & NRI’s helping them achieve Financial Freedom through structured Wealth Success Formula considering safe investment options.”
  • TEDX Speaker covered by Business Line
  • Featured in the ‘Inspiring Rotarians of the Trend Setting Year 2017-2018’ book as one of the top inspiring Rotarians from District 3232.
  • “Post IPL, KPL grips in Chennai” covered by Deccan chronicle. As soon as the IPL got over, immediately the same format was initiated for bringing the business community under one roof for a month for exchanging relationships, business ideas through the format of cricket. He was the Chairman for this event. This event is henceforth conducted on a yearly basis.

Member of:

  • Rotary International since 2003
  • MMA (Madras Management Association) since 2016
  • BNI (Business Network International) Member 2014, 2015, 2016
  • JITO (Jain International Trade Organization) Patron Member since 2016
  • Angel Funding Group, JAN since 2018
  • MKMA (Madras Kirana Merchants Association) since 2008

Rotary Social Projects:

  • Constructed school at Mullaitivu, Northern Province, Sri Lanka in 2014.
  • Water for Life - safe drinking water for 100,000 children
  • Micro-Finance – providing micro finance to almost 1000 women entrepreneurs
  • Skin Donation Foundation – Working towards setting up for skin collection and establishing skin bank.
  • It is generally said that in every human being, God exists. If that is the case, each person should behave accordingly with another person. He believes that if this principle were applied, World peace can be attained.
  • He firmly believes and follows the Jaina principle of ‘Anekantvada’ which respects the views of others while stating your view point keeping in belief that truth is multi-faceted.
  • Participated Sameed Shikarji Sangh for 20 days in 2003
  • Performed Navanu in 2014 for 40 days and in 2015 for 15 days where each day I had to cover around more than 10 kilometers to reach the highest Jain temple, many at times while fasting and covering the journey 2-3 times in a day.
  • Participated in the Charipali Sangh for 12 days in 2017. It’s a religious walkathon for 12 days and involves hopping from one pilgrimage to another.