“Hi, I am Sima Gupta. I have been following Nikhil's wealth secrets webinar and right from the first one where he spoke on liquid ones he has had my attention. I love his simplistic yet practical examples and explanation. He very subtly works on the mindset before he delivers the wealth secret of the day. Also there is usually more than one secret shared. My financial mindset and the myths I was harboring especially regarding will making has undergone a major awakening. Thanks Nikhil for your diverse tips on topics which one does not actively pay attention to but which are important to wealth creation and management. We Indians are slowly waking to wise saving and investing to make those savings yield high returns. You are providing the guidance and knowledge to walk on this road. Kudos!!”

Sima Gupta

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“Nikhil - A man with a smiling face always. A cheerful person who is willing to help people - be it a friend, colleague or client. He is always there when you need him. His knowledge on the subject of Financial planning is so great and vast. The solution he gives sounds simple and very much effective. He not just gives you a normal solution. He will personalize the solution and make you feel very comfortable. To my understanding, his aim in life is to Give more than he receives and this is what sets him apart from others.”

Mr. Nagaraj


Today I had the opportunity of attending the Wealth Secret workshop of Mr. Nikhil. It turned out to be a very very beautiful experience to me. I realized many of the stuffs which I was doing right with my investment actions in the last decade and I also identified few of the things which I really needed to improve upon. To summarize, the workshop really helped in taking a holistic approach and having a life’s perspective than just a wealth or an individual investment perspective. It truly helped us create a financial blueprint or a map of our total scheme of life like what are all the areas of dreams of earning, dreams of spending and how do we align all our actions and investments to meet those dreams. Fabulous experience and I look forward to working with Mr. Nikhil during his next sessions. Thank you!

Mr. Nagaraj Rao.


Hii. Today we had a great opportunity of attending the Wealth Secret workshop conducted by Mr. Nikhil and his team. I’m a Chartered Accountant, well versed with the financial world but having attended this program I realized that there were so many things I wasn’t aware of and the process and the methodology that one needs to follow, not just in creating wealth but also nurturing that wealth to work for you. To put it very brief, I would recommend all the youngsters, all the people who are earning money and all those who are sitting on their wealth to interact with the team of Mr. Nikhil to see how they can maximize the value of their wealth and obtain the best returns from non-performing assets; let’s put it this way. That will be an eye-opener to everybody who will interact with them. I wish Mr. Nikhil and company all the best in their future endeavors.

Mr. Suresh Kothari


I attended the Wealth Secrets workshop. The best thing about this workshop is that it will make you change your mind-set about your money. We are in a generation of instant gratification, we want things NOW and we don’t plan for the future…we think that we can earn for it. Earning wealth is so much easy when you plan for it right now, when you plan at a younger age. This workshop also tells you how to sustain the monthly generation of your income and how to match your finances corresponding to the goals that you have. It was a mind-blowing experience! I would definitely recommend more people to attend the upcoming shows.”

Mr. Slogan

Performance and Life-Coach.