Here in the special interview of Nikhil Singhi for Live Chennai YouTube channel the loan management queries are answered in a simple and strategical tone. Nikhil Singhi is a specialist working in varied niches concerned with financial services. He gives a clear notion of managing loans and recognizing the importance of analyzing ways to payback all the debts in term of interest and time period.

Mr. Nikhil insist people that the need based loans such as personal and housing loans should be planned properly with a clear research and analysis of interest rate and payback methods. He categorize the personal loans as emotional loans that serves the purpose of the individual life rather than common tags like housing and investment sectors. With this emotional loans the planning of the cash flow should be recognized beforehand for a healthy commitment and recovery from the loan within the specified time period.

Loans oriented with wealth, business rotations and investments are totally different from the loans taken for any emotional well-being of a particular individual. Security can affirm the repayment methods for loans borrowed for the development purpose but with the emotional loans the cash flow and emergency savings must be considered before borrowing.

Spontaneous loans serves in the times of emergency, medical expenditures and any kind of unexpected misfortunes. Interest rates and time period largely varies with this kind of loan and so planning some emergency saving options constantly with the money flow is always safe for avoiding such emergency loans.

Nikhil Singhi initiates the topic of considering the job security before committing to any kind of long term loans ranging from 10 years to 20 years. Without recognizing the lasting of your career and the current job taking long term loans can lead to devastating effects warns the financial expert. During the payback period of the loan one should reduce all the luxurious expenses and commit all the resources for essential platforms of lives through regular saving strategies can assure the financial freedom and safety.

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