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Money for ages has been looked as a materialistic pursuit of people. This perception has influenced the manner in which a majority people think about it and behave with it accordingly. A conflicting relationship where money is mostly viewed as “something to conquer as it’s hard to earn” has affected the relationship people share with money.

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Instead of viewing money negatively and with pain, if we shift our perspective and it positively as an instrument to achieve independence and freedom, to open new doors to opportunities and growth, we can better our relations with money and actually romance with it!

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Most people share a need based relationship with money instead of building a relationship in a manner where they’re able to access it as per their plans. Money is easy to generate but in order to enjoy its long term inflow sustainability one needs to focus on the relationship they share with money.

Just like your relationship with people, your relationship with your money also needs to be qualitative apart from being quantitative.

  • Once you establish this, your entire perspective of money would change and you’d start enjoying the journey towards attaining financial freedom rather than always complaining about having insufficient money or being in fear of losing it.
  • If you have the right mind-set, if you have a clear focus, agenda, consistent approach towards money, would you not actually be able to build a more meaningful relationship with money!

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    “Romancing with money is all about having the right mind-set”.

  • You need to condition your mind set, habits and focus upon conditioning your relationship with money in your favour. Your purpose should be such that your money covers not just current but also future requirements so that your future self can surely be in a state of comfort and also be able to do all the things that you’d always planned for yourself.

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When you have your money majorly aligned to your future goals or far-fetched desires than with your current requirements (which may seem endless) you’ll notice that your money will work back for you in compounded terms. All you need to do is stay committed and stay patient and you’ll be able to build your golden chair, which is your future corpus.


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