Our lives are like a slate. Just like how we write with a chalk on a slate and erase it when we want to write something else on it, similarly as humans we list down a set of targets or goals to achieve and keep working on them. However, it’s generally noted that we tend to lose our patience after some time and a majority of us even move on to the next task without completing the previous task.

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This practice slowly gets strengthened each time we apply it until it becomes a part of us and we are conditioned to behave and act in this manner.

This behaviour is carried on in whatever tasks we do, be it personal or professional especially when it comes to money. The way do anything is the way we will do everything.

Becoming rich is no big secret. You need to start by getting your foundation right which is your conditioning. Your primary access to wealth creation lies in completion of your pending/to do list. Yes! The money which you have looked for everywhere is actually present in your pending/to-do list.

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Completion of your pending work reflects on the conditioning of your mind. Once you are able to complete the task at hand or task pending, you’ll experience a sense of achievement and satisfaction which acts as your motivation factor to take more tasks and also complete them. In time, you’ll automatically be giving instructions to your mind to form this habit which will ensure the long term sustainability of your business or profession and of your finances. By not finishing off your pending tasks, you create an unwanted blockade in your mind which may obstruct you from taking any favourable decision. Moreover in the long run this has the power to negatively impact your personal, professional life apart from impacting your relationship with self. Your success can be repeated regularly by following the process or the steps that went behind in executing your previous tasks which for example can be: Planning-Assessing-Executing-Reviewing. Only once you successfully complete small tasks and earn small amounts will you be able to successfully complete big tasks effortlessly and earn huge amounts.

The “conditioning of your mind will always overpower your intellect in the long run”. This is true whether you look at it from the angle of money or from any other angle.

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  • Opportunities come and go every single day. It doesn’t matter what opportunities you get, that’s secondary; what matters primarily is whether you have conditioned your mind, your habits rightly or not because earning money is very easy but its sustainability and its scaling is difficult.
  • You cannot reach your full potential unless and until you follow up, complete what’s incomplete without wasting time and until you reach your full potential, your finances would also not reach its full potential. How can you reach greatness if you keep your works/tasks pending?
  • If you have conditioned yourself to keep your tasks pending, in that case no matter how many and how impactful income generating opportunities come in your way, you’ll not be able to leverage it to your maximum benefit.

Getting your foundation right is the first step towards greatness. You can become rich few months down the line or few years down the line or when you turn 50 years old. Only your actions can control how soon you’ll be able to reach financial freedom. Your conditioning plays a key role in this otherwise you may succeed in building a massive castle of richness but it’ll be a castle which may not stand the storms of time essentially because the base or the foundation is weak.

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